DZN Dynasty Makes A Strategic Investment In Xolo Finance

DZN Dynasty is proud to announce that we have expanded our portfolio and secured a strategic investment with Xolo Finance. Xolo is a universal lending and borrowing platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. We aim to help Xolo evolve into Binance Smart Chain’s leading Defi lending platform and will strategically support them through various means. One of our team members, Duke Rick, has also joined the Xolo team as an advisor. We will be providing a project review and in-depth research on Xolo over the coming weeks.

About Xolo Finance

Xolo is a decentralized lending and borrowing protocol built on Binance Smart Chain with interest bearing assets. Xolo also plans to go cross chain in the future. Its native token $XOLO is a governance token which will be used for governing the protocol and managing the TVL incentive structure of the protocol. This will be done by using Xolo liquidity mining and treasury which will be a governance fund for incentivizing and developing the Xolo ecosystem with various partnerships and developments.

Visit Xolo’s Website and Social Media for Updates:

Xolo Finance







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DZN Dynasty

DZN Dynasty

Ape smarter, not harder!

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